The first four seconds of this sounds bootleg, but it’s not. I suspect the uploader wanted more people to be able to discover Moving Units, but knew if they just posted the song the copyright witches would remove their content. It’s sad that the recording industry wants to squelch music videos. The whole concept of a music video was originally a tool to publicize music. I guess that felt safe to them when it was primarily in the hands of a corporate entity, like MTV. Get real, RIAA, anyone who replaces a music collection with a YouTube stream wasn’t going to buy the music in the first place. 

 Anyway, speaking of retro sounds, Moving Units has that eighties feel. Not the  movie soundtrack vibe of dreamwave, nor the dark wave sound that lived before Goth. No, this is straight-up new wave, in the tradition of Crowded House, Tears for Fears or Simple Minds. The song is  ”Dark Walls.”